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"A National Treasure" - Tom Mark, David E. Carter, Elliott Curzon, Carl Fischer, Nick Coudis,
Jerry Wexler, Michael Pollio, Stephen Shanker, Roseanne & Parish Kohanim,
Jeremy Goldsmith, Bob McCarron, Todd Willman and Allen Halpern
  THIS IS JAN LEIGHTON. And Jan Leighton. And so on. It's the face that has launched absolutely no ships, but a lot of great photographs, T.V. commercials and shows. If you don't like the way he looks, he'll look some other way.
By the way, Jan is in the Guiness Book of World Records having professionally performed 3372 historical notables which have garnered a modest number of awards.
  What goosebumped Jan's goosebumps was filming as: George Washington opening the General's own camp chest in Mt. Vernon, VA... Abe Lincoln in Springfield, Ill... Mark Twain shooting pool at his home in Hartford... Edison sitting in his Menlo Park workshop... Andy Jackson in his Nashville Hermitage... Christopher Columbus in Puerto Rico... Kit Carson in Bents Old Fort, Colorado... both Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson inside Independence Hall, Philadelphia.  

Benjamin Franklin for US Treasury Fidel Castro George S. Patton Leonardo Da Vinci Thomas Alva Edison
Abraham Lincoln George Washington Albert Einstein Pope Sigmund Freud
Saddam Hussein Hippocrates
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Sir Issac Newton Saddam Hussein Pablo Picasso Hippocrates
Larry King Captain Ahab
Sherlock Holmes Charles De Gaulle Larry King Captain Ahab Christopher Columbus
Spencer Tracy
Groucho Marx Will Rogers Ulysses S. Grant / Robert E. Lee Davy Crockett Arab Sheik

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